Together - We Soar. Our Next Chapter.

Hello, Bonjour!

It is exciting times in the VAC community as ground-breaking platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 have re-energized the passion for flight. We marked our 24th anniversary last month and already looking ahead as we develop service plans to welcome our 25th anniversary in April 2023. This is a significant milestone and we are proud to celebrate it with you. Your loyalty and support over the years at VAC is greatly appreciated and we are excited to have you be a part of our journey. To date, several system upgrades have been implemented to our current product and service offering:

Server Upgrade

We have made an additional investment to increasing server capacity. This was required as we adapt to a higher demand for our online services. This has resulted in faster web processing speeds and the elimination of unexpected VACARS and website outages.

Discord Updates

Communication is key and Discord has provided a great platform in supporting our Flight Dispatch services. The introduction of the Help Desk allows members to create a support ticket which has fast-tracked our ability to respond to member requests. No further need to look online for flight simulation news as our automated Sim News bot will provide the latest scoop in our favorite hobby.

Flight Scheduling Accuracy

Flight schedules in the myVAC system are now reflective of our real world counterpart as we emerge from the pandemic. Our recent investment in API data combined with manual adjustments to the schedules on a biweekly basis has resulted in an accurate full schedule for Mainline, Leisure, Express, Cargo and Charter flights. Previously, we had challenges maintaining schedule accuracy due to continuous COVID related changes and restrictions.

Flight Planning Generator

We are pleased to re-introduce the flight pairing generator which enhances the member experience of flying a set schedule. This unique system builds a schedule based on your bid type preferences of operator, aircraft and duty period. Give it a try today!

Looking Ahead

Richard Traynor, Senior Vice President - Network Planning and Jack Koskie, Senior Vice President - Information Technology will be leading the website redevelopment program. With their combined knowledge and expertise in aviation and web programming, we are looking forward to seeing a new era of flight simulation services. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect:

New Website

Our current website was launched back in 2013 by former executive Derek Mayer, and has served us very well. We have been designing a new website interface and happy to announce it will be entering the programming development phase shortly. The current myVAC portal will remain and operate in conjunction with the new website until the time we review plans for a new system.


As part of our commitment to realism through the use of new technology, we are proud to announce a re-design of VACARS from the bottom up. From May 15 - June 15, 2022, we will be seeking feedback from our membership on features you would like to see available on the VACARS system. Timeline for testing and release is expected to be within 3-6 months. The following is a preliminary list of what VACARS v4 is able to provide the pilot:

1) A standalone ACARS tracking software able to track aircraft type violations, diversions, liveries.
2) Soundpack features containing enhanced audio files.
3) Pull accurate METARs and OFP for verification.
4) Enhanced LIVE MAP display features.
5) Automated dispatch options allowing correct gate assignments and direct communication with dispatcher on duty.

Visit our forums and provide your feedback on what you would like to see in the new VACARS5 system. A dedicated section in the pilots forum has been created. We will collect the information and pass it on to our development team for review and implementation. Thank you for taking the time to help us shape the future of flight simulation.

As we approach our 25th anniversary, the leadership team will focus on transforming our approach to your flight simulation experience. We are proud to introduce our goal of "TOGETHER - WE SOAR", supported by four pillars of Operational Investment and Product Excellence, Inspire People Expertise and Development, Build Momentum and Increase Member Satisfaction and Focused Brand Awareness and Competitive Positioning.

Operational Investment and Product Excellence
We Build leading edge programs strategically through innovation and technology.

Inspire People Expertise and Development
We Embrace personal growth and empower leadership abilities.

Build Momentum and Increase Member Satisfaction
We Value feedback by transforming ideas to opportunities.

Focused Brand Awareness and Competitive Positioning
We Elevate experiences with our unwavering commitment to realism and professionalism.

I would like to thank our current leadership team for their dedication and professionalism as we continue to build a stronger flight simulation community at VAC.

Michael Chan
President & Chief Executive Officer