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Our Live Flight Map displays all online members in real time! Tracking is made possible by our VACARS software, which features automatic flight logging, real-time weather data, and a message center!

Virtual Destinations

Our Virtual Destinations are updated regularly and contain over 175 airports across the entire globe. Our virtual flights range from 10 minute regional hops to 16 hour long-haul trips.

Member's Section

Every VAC member has access to our myVAC Portal, through which pilots can choose flights, generate detailed briefing packages, access our downloads section, and maintain their account.

Latest PIREPs

07:47ZLeon VermeulenVAC 8704YULYQBDH4-437.810.6
07:06ZDarren EsannasonVAC 421YULYYZ77L-155.971.0
06:32ZNaseef KhanVAC 309YULYVR7M8-313.293.0
06:20ZJordan DaweVAC 8997YYTYHZDH4-21.452.2
04:26ZStuart BlackbournVAC 796LAXYYZ321-234.174.9
04:16ZJordan HeemskerkVAC 8079YVRYYJDH4-45.040.5
03:31ZChris MacDonaldVAC 8728YULYQBDH4-777.720.7
03:15ZRichard ZepfVAC 186YVRYYZ321-203.544.3
03:13ZGhislain ArseneauVAC 8943YQMYYZDH4N/A3.0
03:12ZMichel MontreuilVAC 8921YQBYYZDH4-20.961.8
02:52ZLéoPaul ArseneauVAC 8931YQMYYZDH4-63.412.7
02:50ZJacques ChiassonVAC 8935YQMYYZDH1-166.552.6
02:43ZAubin ChiassonVAC 8933YQMYYZDH4-209.252.5
02:36ZKevin AndrewsVAC 428YYZYUL320-248.101.3
02:31ZScott BennettVAC 624YYZYHZ320-236.472.0
02:14ZAlexandre ProulxVAC 8728YULYQBDH4-191.061.3
02:12ZPatrick HoughtonVAC 149YYZYYC320-352.564.3
01:54ZJason TrifonovVAC 243YEGYVR320-72.361.6
01:40ZTaylor WilliamsVAC 8964YYYYBCDH1-668.390.4
01:20ZRobert LeBlancVAC 7553YHZYULE75-617.901.8
00:53ZJonathan ClaytonVAC 1037YYZDEN320-563.733.3
00:51ZChad JohnsonVAC 668YULYHZ320-107.221.2

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  • Total Pilots:
  • 795

  • Total Flights:
  • 113409

  • Total Flight Hours:
  • 375315.2

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  • 6 VACARS

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